A Heat Vampire in Search of a Movie Deal

The Rancid Honeytrap

One benefit of monopolizing state secrets is that if someone criticizes you because they believe you are acting in a way that is inimical to the interests of all the billions of people those state secrets affect, it is very easy for you and others to reduce their concerns down to some animus they have toward you that owes to everything BUT the disproportionate impact of all the shitty, dishonest and reckless things you do: Your detractors are clearly envious or attention-seeking trolls or, even better, government agents, out to sabotage the deft undermining of the surveillance state via your deceptively counterintuitive strategy of not disclosing secrets about it.

You could never do this in an environment where you had opted to matter just a little less, by distributing your secrets to other journalists, for instance. You make yourself the story and then complain when people focus on you. Very…

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