Confronting Edward Snowden’s Remarks on Bradley Manning

The Rancid Honeytrap

Note: This is the first piece I wrote regarding what became a recurring motif in the Snowden Spectacle, which I call Good Whistleblower/Bad Whistleblower.  There are links to other posts about the same topic listed in the topmost update below. I encourage you to read them, particularly this one, which summarizes how this motif has entered the discourse on the leaks again and again.

I wrote this before Chelsea Manning disclosed that she is a trans woman. I realize that seeing her identified as something else is objectionable for some — I don’t like it myself — but as this piece refers to a very specific point in time, and was written then, I am uncomfortable with making changes that would confuse the history. I have therefore retained the use of Manning’s family-given name. 


I haven’t digested The Guardian’s explosive NSA stories well enough to do any full-fledged posting about them…

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