The Obama Doctrine

Antiwar literary and philosophical selections
September 30, 2013

The Obama Doctrine
By Zhao Jinglun


In his lengthy and tedious remarks delivered at the UN General Assembly, President Obama, bold as brass, tried to portray Washington as peace-loving and war-hating. But its record clearly shows the contrary: it is a hegemon of war and intervention.

He repeated several times “peace is hard.” Why is peace so hard? Primarily because of the U.S. policy of war and intervention. The country has waged hundreds of wars and intervened in very corner of planet earth since its founding. Is Obama trying to change course?

He said that the U.S. is drawing down in Iraq and Afghanistan. But it is doing so not just “to build our nation at home,” but also to rebalance to the Asia/Pacific region to contain China. And it is still energetically intervening in the Middle East. He brazenly declared: “The United States of America…

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