Greenwald Tries to Settle A Score, Fails

The Rancid Honeytrap

Today Glenn Greenwald tweeted this:

One reads this and instantly knows some score is being settled. Hmm, thinks the avid Greenwald follower, seems someone suggested Greenwald should do something and then failed to do it themselves. Coward! Hypocrite! Leave Glenn alone! *fave* *retweet*

The no doubt small number of Greenwald followers that actually read the article would have discovered that it confirms very little of what Greenwald is insinuating. In a nutshell: there is a conflict brewing between Greenwald and the less sycophantic cryptography specialists over disclosure of NSA technical details. The subject of the article Greenwald linked to is Matthew Green, a cryptography professor at Johns Hopkins who not long ago politely tweeted:

I think there’s more useful information in those…

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