Cliffs Notes for a Pile-On

The Rancid Honeytrap

So there is something of a stir in the part of left Twitterland that I generally don’t have much to do with, and since happy mobs, like Tolstoy’s happy families, are all alike and not worth writing about, I’m not going to devote much energy to the non-argumentative or social aspects of  it here.

I am a little stunned though, that so many people are so worked up over something so many of them clearly haven’t read. It is easy to tell who these people are. If, after someone navigates the weighty calculus of virtues and accomplishments qualifying one to have an opinion on the ownership of secrets affecting everyone on Earth, they then characterize The Argument as ‘Doing what the Guardian is Doing’ vs. ‘Dumping Everything’, it’s almost certain that all they know about my post came from some place other than my post, most likely Glenn Greenwald’s comments…

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