Dr. Rosen and The Snowden Effect

The Rancid Honeytrap

Jay Rosen is a professor of Journalism at NYU with a fairly large following, who, like most left media critics, never critiques establishment liberal/left media, and whose anodyne media analysis perpetuates myths about press freedom in the guise of critiquing infringements upon it and who rationalizes the continued hegemony of traditional elite-run media like The Guardian under a veneer of ostensible support for what he calls ‘stateless’ news organizations, like Wikileaks.

So Rosen will happily tweet out some shit written by a shill of shills like Josh Marshall, and even have robust friendly discussions with him online, without once mentioning that Marshall literally gets his talking points straight from the White House.  Or he’ll look at Guardian editor Alan Rusbridger’s trivializing, weird confession of acquiescence to government repression, without even a hint of mystification, let alone disparagement, at how long Rusbridger suppressed this story. To the contrary, in Rosen’s piece…

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