British government persecutes journalist’s partner as ‘terrorist’

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This video from Britain is called Glenn Greenwald‘s Partner Detained At Airport Under U.K. Terrorism Act.

After Nelson Mandela being for decades on a United States government list of so-called “terrorists”, along with President Morales of Bolivia, the late US Senator Edward Kennedy, and a million people more

After the persecution of Egyptian archaeologist Hawass as a “terrorist” … the persecution of a little eight-year-old boy as a “terrorist” … the persecution as a “terrorist” in Britain for singing a song by punk rock band The Clash

Now, this. By Barry Grey and Thomas Gaist:

UK detains Glenn Greenwald’s partner under terrorism law

19 August 2013

British authorities detained David Miranda, the partner of Guardian reporter Glenn Greenwald, for nine hours on Sunday under a counterterrorism law. They held Miranda, 28, a citizen of Brazil, incommunicado and interrogated…

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