Greek governmental and neonazi racism

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This video says about itself:

29 May 2013

The economic crisis in Greece has led to a rise in support for the far-right Golden Dawn and an increase in racist attacks. Jamal Osman talks to one man who is fighting back.

From Dawn of the Greeks blog:

Racist pogroms and fascist attacks in Southern Peloponnese

Posted on August 18, 2013 by dawnofthegreeks

In the southern part of the Greek fascist state, a huge operation against Roma people and its communities has been taking place since many years. Last month (July/beginning of August) in Southern Peloponnese riot police squads that arrived from Athens have been conducting operations against the Roma population across Messinia, Lakonia, Arkadia and Argolida region.

The official police report on the operations talks of the “tackling” and the “prevention” of crime as the reasons why the Roma houses came under attack – an open and direct…

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