“The Kosovisation of Greece”, by Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, THE TELEGRAPH

Yanis Varoufakis

Readers of this blog will recall that, years ago, I was predicting that the (mis)handling of the Euro Crisis by Brussels-Berlin-Frankfurt would cause parts of the Eurozone Periphery (Greece in particular) to metamorphosise into versions of Kosovo. This reference of mine has, I must add, upset friends in Kosovo. My message to them is to take my parallelism not as an attempt to put Kosovo down but, rather, as a pragmatic assessment of the convergence of the Eurozone’s Periphery to the current state of Kossovo’s social economy. After all, Kossovo is an EU protectorate, where the major decisions (including privatisation, energy, security) are taken by a Brussels’ functionary, the euro is the country’s currency (without of course any Kosovar official playing any role in monetary policy decisions), the local government is monopolised by a local cleptocracy and, tragically, unemployment is so high that the country’s greatest export is its…

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