July 31st International Day of Action in Solidarity with CA Prisoner Hunger Strikers & Justice for Trayvon

Prisoner Hunger Strike Solidarity

Family Members, Activists and Celebrities “Hunger for Justice”.

On July 31st, day 24 of the California Prisoner Hunger Strike, communities across the country fasted and held events in solidarity with the hunger strikers and their 5 core demands. Over 1,000 people signed on to participate. They also were asking for justice for Trayvon Martin. In Oakland, a press conference at 11:00 a.m. was followed by a rally at Oscar Grant Plaza and a procession to the State Building at 1515 Clay Street.

“Governor Brown’s absolute silence in the face of this hunger strike is a quiet endorsement of torture,” says Margaret Prescod, from Women of Color Global Women’s Strike and host of the Sojourner Truth Show on KPFK. “And we know the criminalization that killed Trayvon Martin, and the criminalization that justifies torture of prisoners is one and the same.” Two years ago a United Nations’ expert on torture called…

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