Turkish Spring


June 1, 1000 hrs CET

Dear people,

Tonight, Turkey didn’t sleep. Turkey made revolution.

This is how it started. A small group of thoughtful, committed citizens camped out in the last green space of the city centre to save it from being sold out. Two nights in a row, authorities sent in the police to disperse them with massive use of tear gas and water cannons, as if they were disinfecting it from a harmful infestation.

There were dozens of wounded, tents were burned, there was blood on the streets. The park was closed and fenced in.

The people refused to accept it. Gezi Park has become a symbol for many more of their grievances. It’s not just against the private sector taking over the public space. It’s also against the assault on civil liberties under pressure from the religious right. And it’s a personal matter, with Reçep Erdogan.


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