salon de vortex

Violence, ever since the appearance of ‘legality’ and parliamentarism, has not only continued to play a historical role but is today, as in previous periods, ultimatly the mainstay of dominant politics. The state in its entirety is predicated on violence. Its military organization and its mechanisms of control and suppression in themselves constitute hard proof.

When a ‘free citizen’ is forcefully and against his will incarcerated in a narrow and uninhabited place, and when he is kept there for a stretch of time – everyone can understand that this is an act of violence. But from the moment this action takes place under the provisions of a unified book called Penal Code and that place is designated as the ‘Corinth Closed Residential Center for Migrants’, it is instantly transformed into an act of peaceful legality. If a man is forced, against his will to systematically kill fellow humans, commits an act…

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