Wikileaks Australian Citizens Alliance

Opening remarks by Cassie Findlay of Support Assange & WikiLeaks Coalition at Sydney rally for Assange & WikiLeaks, 15 July 2012

Thank you for joining us today to remind the Australian government who it is answerable to

Today we have had our Prime Minister Julia Gillard inside Town Hall addressing the NSW Labor Conference. Perhaps she spoke about Labor’s publicly stated values of “social justice, compassion and a fair go for Australians, at home and abroad”

Unless, apparently, you are Julian Assange.

Assange and Wikileaks have, since their US Government releases in 2010, been subjected to a barrage of vicious and sustained attacks – legal, reputational and financial- in retaliation for their publishing activities.

We know from diplomatic cables that since early 2011 Assange has been the subject of a Grand Jury investigation in the United States, with a view to charging him with espionage, a charge which carries the…

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