Nine days to bring Bradley’s case to Washington. Support the DC ad campaign.

Wikileaks Australian Citizens Alliance

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We have until April 20th (9 days!) to raise funds to put up 21 “Bradley Manning: Whistle-blower” ads in the DC Metro subway system. These ads will coincide with Bradley’s next hearing at Fort Meade, Maryland, which begins April 24. Each ad is 46″H x 60″W.

Bradley Manning needs your help. His next court appearance will be on April 24th and the Bradley Manning Support Network is calling on supporters to stand up and show the government that war crimes must be exposed and that whistle-blowers must be set free. The military has done its best to limit public exposure to Bradley Manning’s case by holding the trial at Ft. Meade, a relatively difficult location for the public to attend, and they have not released transcripts of the pretrial hearing, thereby limiting media exposure and making it…

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