United in the Agora Rome construction / Unidos en la construcción del Agora Roma

15M Barcelona Internacional


The general assembly last night in the piazza of San Giovanni was massive and participatory. On a night where low temperatures were protagonist the main subject where logistic affairs, then working groups such as cooking, action, communication, art, childhood and others were created. Working groups are opened to the cooperation of citizens and therefore has been established a series of regular meetings where those people interested in the Agora Rome can attend and bring their ideas to the community. It’s remarkable to point out the participation of Caracalla’s Assembly because it has been a well known encampment in the Italian capital. Day by day the involvement of Caracalla with walkers and supporters of the movement in San Giovanni are giving shape what already has become an enriching event.

La asamblea general de la noche pasada en la piazza de San Giovanni fue multitudinaria y participativa. En una noche donde las bajas temperaturas fueron protagonista se abordó la logística del campamento como tema principal y se crearon diferentes…

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