What the Guantanamo leaks won’t reveal (by Darryl Li)

What the Guantanamo leaks won’t reveal Crucial documents on the controversial prison were not released by WikiLeaks, as they are classified ‘Top Secret’. Guantánamo Bay receives more publicity than other extraterritorial prisons linked to the ‘war on terror’ which likely are located in US client states, including Jordan, Egypt, Afghanistan and Iraq, according to a […]

Syria braces for ‘day of rage’ protests (via Arab Revolt | الثورة العربية)

April 29, 2011 DAMASCUS (AFP) – Activists called for “day of rage” protests across Syria after the Friday weekly Muslim prayers, piling pressure on President Bashar Al-Assad as his regime pressed a violent crackdown on dissent. The looming showdown comes as the UN Human Rights Council prepared for a special session on Syria in Geneva, […]

The Guantanamo Children: These Aren’t What You’d Call ‘Little League’ Terrorists (via @ggregator)

(wlcentral) *With research assistance from GeorgieBC Pakistani national Naqib Ullah (also Naqibullah) was 14 years old and out doing an errand for his father when he was kidnapped from his village in Khan, Afghanistan by 11 men that called themselves, “Samoud’s people.” The men, according to Ullah, “forcibly raped him at gunpoint”. He was taken back […]

Barack Obama on Bradley Manning – "We're a nation of laws!" (via UK Friends of Bradley Manning)

yes, but which law prohibits the publication of warcrimes ? On Thursday morning Pacific Time, a group of Bradley Manning supporters staged a flashmob at a Barack Obama fundraising event in San Francisco. Even more amazingly, one of those supporters was able to question the US President directly afterwards: Here's a close-to-verbatim account of what […]

Bradley Manning Being Moved to Fort Leavenworth, Kansas (via LeakSource)

After increasing international outcry over the alleged treatment of WikiLeaks suspect Bradley Manning, the Pentagon is transferring him to a medium security facility at Forth Leavenworth, Kansas. Manning's move will limit access to his attorney, family, and friends, and does not guarantee better treatment. This most likely was done to cover up his inhumane conditions […]

Bahrain: Widespread crackdown on human rights defenders

Bahrain: Widespread crackdown on human rights defenders Over the past two weeks, human rights defenders in Bahrain have been subjected to an intensifying campaign of arrests, raids, threats and harassment as the authorities have cracked down on dissent following large-scale pro-democracy protests in February 2011. Further Information Among those detained, harassed and at risk are […]